The PHKTIF’s primary objective is to promote, represent and safeguard the interests of the Pakistani business community in Hong Kong and offer its members updates on economic development in Hong Kong and Mainland China. PHKTIF’s aims to facilitate trade and investment between Hong Kong and Pakistan. There are about 4000 Pakistan companies in Hong Kong, mainly SMEs, engaged in various businesses including trading, retail and services.

The Pakistani community in Hong Kong has long and deep roots, and there is increasing trade and business links between Pakistan and Mainland China. “Given Hong Kong’s role as Mainland China’s economic gateway, its proximity to major Asian markets, plus the ease of doing business here, more Pakistani businesses should come to this city particularly if they are looking to expand into Mainland China, and also if they are considering business opportunities in the region

We believe “Because Hong Kong is Asia’s regional business hub, it is an ideal base for PHKTIF to serve their members more directly. As more chambers and trade bodies continue to come to Hong Kong, they also reinforce our city’s leading position in the region.”
The PHKTIF aims to facilitate trade between Hong Kong and Pakistan. It provides not only a solid networking platform for Pakistan companies in Hong Kong, but also offers timely assistance and up-to-date information to Pakistan business community in a professional manner

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